Resort Wedding

Resort Wedding is a wedding for couples who love ‘White classic wedding’, beautiful white resort, swimming pool and palm trees, located at a divine beach, the ceremony of your choice by the pool or on the beach pier while the decoration is the green and blue colors of the sea and trees. Wedding dinner and party is at the resort’s private tavern. Good food, quality alcohol drinks & unforgettable wedding party.

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Your Moment

Ceremony in a white resort between pool and sea

A classic resort with blue and white colors, peaceful sea around you, fresh breeze, and you’re standing under white canopy looking into each other’s eyes. This moment you will share forever.

Your Experience

Tavern celebration

After the ceremony your celebration begins in a classic tavern located at the resort’s private beach, a variety of tasty dishes will be served, premium beverages and our Greek DJ will rock your party.

Your Vacation

Greek island vacation

To complete this perfect weekend, you have the time to rest and enjoy incredible Greece, this is exactly what you need… exquisite décor with magical atmosphere, you only should go with the flow and calm.

More concepts

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