Winery Wedding

Imagine yourself having a whole winery only for your wedding, endless vineyards in the background, wonderful pastoral view, Greek local food and plenty of premium wine. You, your family and friends are celebrating and dancing with a bouzouki player and Greek DJ that will make your unforgettable wedding party.

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Your Moment

A canopy between the vineyards

An authentic and beautiful winery surrounded by vines in full splendor. You are under a pure canopy, changing vows, sipping premium local wine, you become a part of the nature, the moment is created forever… so powerful and exciting.

Your Experience

Wedding dinner at the winery

There is nothing like a good and rich dinner at the winery. Variety of local and quality wines will be served during the wedding. We promise that you’ll feel like royalty for a day.

Your Vacation​

Greek island vacation

After all the excitement for the wedding day, you should take some time to rest and relax… vacation vibes are ready for a beautiful tour or a lazy day at the beach with a cold sparkling wine.

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