Beach Wedding

A real beach wedding is just like a dream: A Spectacular beach kissing the sea in blue translucent shades, stunning ceremony with flowers all around. You and your guests are in white celebrating with delicious food, drinks and a Greek beach party. YAMAS

If you want your wedding to be a sexy beach party
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Your Moment

Ceremony in the sunset light

This is your moment, your feet are touching the sand, sea breeze, sunset and new energy are in the air…

Your Experience

Wedding dinner at the beach

Wedding dinner at a beach Tavern, serving rich local foods, meanwhile you enjoy the sun, Ouzo and dancing to Greek music. YASOU!

Your Vacation​

Greek island vacation

One of the most amazing things about A destination wedding in Greece

Is that you are already in the perfect Honeymoon spot, there is no better way to start your life together

than on a magical island, surrounded by the sea, love is in the air calm and happiness are everywhere.

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